AFBJJ Vics Comp Special Brawler Bar 5 pack for $20.00

To celebrate Brawler Bar having a stall at the AFBJJ Vics we have a Comp Special of 5 Original Brawler Bars for $20 and includes a free Brawler Bar soap case.

Our original Brawler Bar soap is the perfect all round sports soap. Whether you are into BJJ, MMA, yoga or just going to the gym this bar will ensure that you are kept clean and germ free.  Our bar is completely palm oil free and contains natural essential oils that are known combatives to skin conditions like staph and ringworm. 

Tea tree oil is the main ingredient in the original soap bar. It has so many traditional healing benefits that are perfect for your everyday athlete. Staph, Ringworm, athletes foot and jock itch are just some of the conditions that this natural antimicrobial is known to assist. 

Peppermint oil is the second natural essential oil that is used in the original soap bar. It gives a natural cooling affect and is known to assist in muscle aches and pains.  Peppermint oil is also a fantastic antimicrobial that has been used over the years for conditions like staph. 

Natural coconut husk rounds out the wonder trio as a fantastic exfoliant to give you that feeling that you are truly cleaning your body. 

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