About Us



The Brawler Bar journey started when I settled on martial arts 9 years ago, falling in love with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). It is one of those sports that completely consumed my thoughts and actions. It has come to a stage now that all my best friends have tried (and succeeded) in choking me out. One of the downfalls of BJJ are that through the nature of the sport skin conditions are quite common. 

Brawler bar was an idea to create the perfect MMA soap that would help people get rid of germs that caused skin infections. It was also designed so that same soap could be used in third world countries especially to combat the struggles that so many disadvantaged communities face such as poverty, hunger, inadequate hygiene and access to health services.

5 years down the track, our product line has certainly evolved but our focus has not wavered. As our "OG" MMA Brawler Bar has exploded through gyms and MMA stores throughout Australia so has the demand for a quality and natural soap line that gives back.

With my wife and children on board we now hand make our new line of "Mission Bars" and "Brawler Wash" which is for daily use and not just by MMA Fighters. The growth of Brawler Bar has turned the dream Michelle and I had to help as many people as we could to a soap company that is fighting for more, fighting for change.


Mitch Hunter, Co-Founder.