Not your ordinary Beauty Bar

February 03, 2021

Not your ordinary Beauty Bar

The Roseate (rose in colour) Face and Body bear was something I had in the works for a long time. For years I have watched my wife Michelle have issues with those fancy cleaners she would bring home from her day spa visits. They smelt and looked great but they were also super hard and would dry out her skin leaving her with severe breakouts.  She could only ever use super gentle skin cleaners but then would tell me she would have to use 3 times the amount to get her make up off. 

After 30+ batches and multiple testing phases (thanks Babe!) the Roseate Face and Body Bar was born. Using only the most gentle and cleansing oils such as coconut, olive, grapefruit, sweet orange and tea tree oil, I knew this bar was going to be a winner. I had been following the French Pink Clay craze for some time and wanted to ensure I had the perfect balance so this beauty bar could be used on a daily basis and even twice a day.

French Pink Clay- Has been proven to not only cleanse but remove dead skin cells. The benefits of French Pink Clay are endless and has taken the beauty industry by storm. Its superpowers help to treat acne, poor circulation and other skin ailments. You can see why it is a crowd pleaser. 

So what is the best way to use your Roseate Face & Body Bar?

The Roseate Bar is gentle enough to use on a daily basis but is also super cleansing. Like any soap bar, keep out of your eyes but ensure to work into your skin using circular motions to deep clean those pores and let the French Pink Clay work it's magic.  Even though our Roseate Bar is made with Shea Butter we recommend that straight after cleansing you follow up with a natural moisturiser. 

Your Roseate Face & Body Bar can be used all over and with the sweet citrus and patchouli blend you will be left feeling fresh and smelling delightful. By switching to a beauty bar as part of your daily face cleansing routine you will also notice how much money you will save (as long as you store that baby in a soap case) and your reduction of environmental waste.

Here is what some of our Brawlers and Brawler Babes have said about using the Roseate Face & Body Bar.

"The results speak for them self. My previous skin cleanser completely dried out my skin and used harsh chemicals. The Roseate is so natural and gentle but yet my skin feels completely cleansed."

"The smell is heavenly and I love how I only have to use the one bar for my shower routine."

"I am so impressed how cleansing and gentle this bar is. It removes my foundation so well but does not leave my skin feeling completely dried out. As long as I follow up with moisturiser I never get a break out."

Want to see what all of the fuss is about. Check out our Roseate Face & Body bar HERE.

Best of all when you purchase the Roseate Bar you are joining our fight for change to deliver education, clean water and food to Idudi in Uganda.


*Photo credit - one very happy Brawler Bar customer.

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