How we became the soap company fighting for change

January 03, 2021

How we became the soap company fighting for change

2017 was when it all changed for my wife Michelle and I. At the time I was obsessed with BJJ (still am), we were wracking our brains on how we could help the communities and organisations we supported personally on a bigger scale but also marry this to our love of MMA sport.

After many late nights of eating our body weight in sugar and debating the need of the MMA community, Brawler Bar was officially born. There was no way when Michelle and I first met did we ever think we would be here. Delivering an Australian made MMA soap bar and now making hand made soaps which are stocked in many gyms, supplement/ health food stores, online fight stores and in households Australia wide.

But how did we become the soap company fighting for change?

Our tagline fighting for change is pretty self explanatory, the short story is we make soap, damn good soap. Soap that is made from premium ingredients, we really should be called The Artisan Hipster Millennial Soap Bar, but somehow that did not have the same ring to it. But what makes us different is we work on a social enterprise model, all of our profits after paying expenses (like the legit expenses) - ingredients, packaging, marketing, website hosting etc goes directly towards our Project Partners. These are Project Partners who are out in the isolated communities bringing education to children in the slums of Bali and bringing people out poverty in remote Uganda.

Like any new giving model, it was a hard slog at the beginning making sales to ensure we could donate and not just cover expenses. Fast forward 3 years, Brawler Bar is now at a pivotal point where our new line of hand made Mission Bars are making substantial donations to our Project Partners and headway into the wholesale market.

Why do we donate our profits?

I have seen a lot in my time as a police officer and fire fighter. Living a life in the emergency services over the past 10 years you develop a real appreciation of what you have, the life you live and what your children have access too. And I am only talking about government schooling and clean running water. Michelle and I are fortunate enough to both have good paying jobs, so donating our profits was non negotiable for us. The dream to make Brawler Bar our full time passion is very much alive and something we strive for daily.

If you want to know more about our Project Partners head to our Project Partners Page. Otherwise join our mission and buy some of our soap. You are going to clean yourself with soap/ body wash anyway, so why not go with a company who use only the best ingredients and who are fighting for change at the same time.

WARNING: Our bars do become addictive, we even have an online following of loyal subscribers who call themselves "Brawlers".

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*Photo credit - our first official Brawler Bar delivery.

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The Roseate Bar is gentle enough to use on a daily basis but is also super cleansing. Like any soap bar, keep out of your eyes but ensure to work into your skin using circular motions to deep clean those pores and let the French Pink Clay work it's magic.  Even though our Roseate Bar is made with Shea Butter we recommend that straight after cleansing you follow up with a natural moisturiser. 

Your Roseate Face & Body Bar can be used all over and with the sweet citrus and patchouli blend you will be left feeling fresh and smelling delightful. By switching to a beauty bar as part of your daily face cleansing routine you will also notice how much money you will save (as long as you store that baby in a soap case) and your reduction of environmental waste.

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The records of soap date back to 2800 BC where Babylonians made soap by mixing fats boiled with ashes. In our case our hand made line of Brawler Bars are made with all natural oils and ingredients mixes in with lye which is a caustic solution.

The process of making soap is when lye comes into contact with oils/fats, a chemical reaction takes place, then both of the substances change form. Once this reaction is complete there is no longer lye or fats, you are left with pure soap. This process is called saponification.

If soap is made properly, the lye is used up in the saponification process to turn oil into soap. There is no lye present in the finished product of our Brawler Bars. While all real soap must be made with lye, no lye remains in our finished products after saponification. When you read the ingredients on our packaging you will notice the listing of saponified oils in our soap bar. So essentially once our bars are curated you are left with a completely natural product for your skin.

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